24 TCG: Day 0 Tactical Packs


Tactical Pack

Day 0 Tactical Pack is the first set of 24 TCG. It was published by Press Pass on 15 January 2007 and consists of 96 cards. There are also a parallel foil set and an elite foil set.

There are 6 pre-constructed decks of cards, consisting of twenty-six cards total; one directive card, twenty-four common cards and one elite card. Four foil cards total appeared in each deck, including the elite. Rules were also included inside each package. Six different themed packs were available, each featuring a different character:

Agents - Jack Bauer
Analysts - Chloe O'Brian
Statesmen - David Palmer
Conspirators - Charles Logan
Infiltrators - Nina Myers
Terrorists - Phillip Bauer

In addition, each Tactical Pack contains a 26th card drawn at random from a separate pool of 24 Day 0 Elite foils.

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