Bleach TCG

Bleach TCG
Bleach TCG
Score Entertainment
Date published:
May 2007
In print:
English, Japanese
Official website:


Bleach Soul Card Battle is a trading card game designed by Aik Tongtharadol and published by Bandai. It is sold through Carddas in Japan. Score Entertainment introduced the game to the US but has since ceased publication.


The Bleach Trading Card Game is played with two people. Each player must have a total of at least eighty-one cards: a Guardian card, a sixty-card 'main deck' and a twenty-card Side Deck consisting of energy cards dictated by your Guardian card. Later expansions allow energy cards to be replaced by other cards in the Side Deck. There are two ways to win: if you reduce your opponent's Power (printed on their Guardian card) to zero, or if your opponent attempts to draw or discard a card from their deck and fails.

A standard player's turn in the game consists of three steps: The Resource Step, the Main Step and the End Step. The Resource Step has the player drawing cards and putting Energy cards into play, the Main Step is where a player may attack and play cards other than Energy cards, and the End Step is a formal conclusion to the turn.

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