EVE: The Second Genesis CCG

EVE: The Second Genesis CCG
EVE: The Second Genesis CCG
CCP Games
Date published:
August 2007
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Eve: The Second Genesis is an out-of-print collectible card game set in the universe created for the online game Eve Online. Each player represents the CEO of a corporation, aligned with a particular race, and through exploration, mining, and military strength, their goal is to defeat their opponent CEOs.


Each player begins play with a starbase, located in their home region. Initially, this home region is the only source of ISK, which is the currency in the Eve universe. By playing cards from their hand, each card usually costing a certain amount of ISK, the player can do the following:

  • build up their home region, strengthening their starbase or increasing its ISK generation capacity
  • build ships
  • explore outer regions
  • cause events to occur using "news" cards

The player can also deploy their ships to defend outer regions, thus gaining ISK or other benefits from the region. Of course, a player can also deploy their ships into their opponent's home region, in an attempt to destroy their starbase. Victory is normally decided when only one starbase remains, or if a player runs out of cards in their draw deck.

Eve: The Second Genesis CCG

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