Huntik TCG

Huntik TCG
Huntik TCG
Upper Deck
Date published:
February 2009
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Huntik CCG

A surprising mix of new and old from Upper Deck, this collectible card game has you using archaeologists, investigators, agents, scientists, and mystical beasts summoned from ancient jewel-like amulets against a shadowy international criminal group known as the Organisation. Based on the CW Americanime, Huntik: Secrets and Seekers has characters from the show, like Lok and Dante, powerful Seekers who can summon a variety of creatures to do battle with the Organisation's army of "Suits".

This game uses a unique "Mission Card" format that either pits the players against each other, forces them to work together, or can even accommodate solo play.

The main set "Secrets and Seekers" 183 cards was followed by two expansions; "Legendary Saga" 95 cards and "Omens and Legacies" 100 cards, each in 9-card boosters, sold in boxes of 24.

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