Looney Tunes TCG

Looney Tunes TCG
Looney Tunes TCG
Wizards of the Coast
Date published:
October 2000
In print:
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Looney Tunes CCG

A very simple game which, unusual for a collectible card game, has only three types of cards. Scenes, which are Loony Tune episodes, have a value and color. Actors, which are characters from various cartoons, each also have a value and color. Special effects are the monkey wrenches that may be thrown into the mix for more randomness.

Four scenes are laid out and replenished when depleted. The object is to play Actors to the scenes to try to steal them. The active player plays actors and/or special effects to a scene then the inactive player does the same. After both have played the scene is removed and scored.

Image Credit: Curunir

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