Sailor Moon CCG

Sailor Moon CCG
Sailor Moon CCG
Dart Flipcards
Date published:
July 2000
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The Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game is an out-of-print collectible card game set in the fictional world of Sailor Moon. The game, based on the English version of the anime and designed by Mark C. MacKinnon, Jeff Mackintosh, Karen McLarney, and John R. Phythyon, Jr., was released in July 2000 by Dart Flipcards.


The Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game pits teams of Sailor Soldiers (referred to as "Scouts") against opposing monsters and villains. Each player has both one or more Scouts, and a collection of enemies. Victory is achieved by either eliminating all of an opponent's scouts, or by defeating a certain number of victory points (VP) worth of monsters and villains.

At some points in the game, elements of random chance are introduced by requiring the players to play a game of jan ken pon in order to determine the outcome.

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