Universal Fighting System CCG

Universal Fighting System CCG
Universal Fighting System CCG
Sabertooth Games / Jasco Games
Date published:
February 2006
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The Universal Fighting System (UFS) is a collectible card game designed by Jasco Games. Games of UFS represent a fight between two characters in hand-to-hand combat. Characters are drawn from original properties as well as a number of licensed ones, such as Mega Man, Street Fighter, The King of Fighters XIII and Darkstalkers. The sets are cross-compatible – cards from multiple licenses can be included in the same deck, and characters from different universes may face each other in a match.

UFS: ShadoWar Block

UFS: Tekken Block

UFS: Street Fighter Block II

UFS: Cowboy Bebop Block

UFS: Mortal Kombat X Block

UFS: Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers Block

UFS: Promos

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